Day 19.2 – Hundred Challenge

I posted historic 1930s architecture yesterday, and today I’m posting the plant life around the building.

HundredChallenge-0064 HundredChallenge-0066 HundredChallenge-0093 HundredChallenge-0190-2HundredChallenge-0171Actually, one photo each day focused on both plants and architecture to the point where I wasn’t sure which batch to post it with. I chose what I felt the photo would not have been ‘complete’ or ‘worthwhile’ without…. so yesterday, the one I chose wouldn’t have been worth taking if not for the architecture in it (the red window frames in the last photo). Today’s, the (last) photo of the concrete image, would have simply been a record of another artist’s work if not for the flowers in the foreground. Those flowers give it a personal meaning.

(c) Mia Enns, all rights reserved. All photos are property of Mia Enns. Do not use, duplicate, or distribute my photos in ANY form.


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