Day 18 – Hundred Challenge

Another walk outdoors, focusing on different ways of capturing the same subjects. This is a practice I believe helps immensely with portrait photography. Each shot exhibits different ‘personality’ traits.

For example this first flower is shy, but curious.


And this second shot is bold and eager.HundredChallenge-0072-2 This shot of the fence is supportive, close, connected.HundredChallenge-0097 While this one is confining, imprisoning.HundredChallenge-0103-2

And this one is friendly, moving out beyond one’s comfort zone.HundredChallenge-0115 This one of the leaves of a tree exhibits my style well, plus I love the vibrance of this green.HundredChallenge-0123-3

I took them with my 18-55mm Nikon lens, and I’m happy that I was able to get a similar style of shots to those I’ve taken with my 28-135mm (favorite) lens. I hope you’ve enjoyed them.


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