Day 14.2 – Hundred Challenge

Here are the rest of those I took on day 14. I selected fewer than I originally planned. One of the latest photography teachers I studied with said I could work on selecting fewer shots to show. I tend to agree that I have difficulty choosing which are the best, so I’m trying to learn it.

I loooooove the spots of light in the first two. Apparently there’s a term for them: ‘bokeh’. I think its a ridiculous word. But I love the way they look. Especially because the first two photos really approach what I’m aiming for; that which I hope to achieve by doing this project.

HundredChallenge-0239 HundredChallenge-0253 HundredChallenge-0270 HundredChallenge-0310 HundredChallenge-0316I find this last one to be such an unusual photo. I like it and I don’t know what to make of it, all at once. I like how soft the background is and how it unexpectedly mixes with the foreground. I find it interesting how none of the colors are overly vibrant, so that places more emphasis on forms. And where they’re clear, more emphasis on textures as well.

These last few are somewhat abstracted, and the first few are to some extent as well. I was using my beloved macro lens (yay!!! I feel well enough to lift it!!!) and feeling better than I have in several weeks. Happiness!


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