Day 14.1 – Hundred Challenge

So I will admit I was taking fewer than 100 photos per day for awhile. With the accident I was feeling tired more easily and plus, I wasn’t liking all my photos. I let it discourage me temporarily. My family really encouraged me though and that helped a lot. Thanks, you guys 🙂 So this ‘day’ will be posted in 2-3 parts, because I did actually take 140 photos and had a high percentage of ones I want to share. I am trying to keep each post to 3-5 photos so they don’t take forever to load. The first group I’ll share are abstract. I think people often freak out when faced with abstract art: instead of sitting still and allowing it to affect them, they get caught up in ‘figuring out what it is.’ What it is, honey, is a photograph. How it Affects you is what matters, as a work of art. So sit and let each one affect you. Let your mind be as blank as it chooses to, or as full. Listen to this, if you’d like: HundredChallenge-0184 HundredChallenge-0190 HundredChallenge-0211 HundredChallenge-0216Hope you’ve enjoyed!


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