Day 11 – Hundred Challenge

This first photo is a little odd, at least the flower is. Is it a tiger lily but looks like a leopard? Leopard lily?


Again I’m using the Sony cybershot for these and LOOK how clear that BEE is!!!!! I am thrilled with the bee. There were actually multiple shots of this and other bees which were clear and satisfying, so I chose one. How wonderful is that? I can’t sing the praises of this camera enough.HundredChallenge-00239 HundredChallenge-00242 HundredChallenge-00268HundredChallenge-00253 HundredChallenge-00267

I just saw this scene in the last photo and fell totally in love with it. That’s a smaller version of hibiscus by the fence there, called ‘Rose of Sharon’. They also come in a very pretty pink.

I haven’t had anything to say about my style of shooting lately, because I’m just not sure if it’s morphing a bit or staying the same. As much as I’m enjoying using the Sony, I really am hoping I’ll be able to use my Nikon again soon with my favorite (heavy!) lens. Good tools do *help* take incredible shots. But they don’t create the composition or make any decisions (at least, I don’t believe that they ought to).


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