Day 10 – Hundred Challenge

This day I switched from using my Nikon D60 to using my teeny Sony cybershot. The Nikon is just too heavy for me right now and the Sony is much more manageable. I was pleasantly amazed by how well the pictures came out. The level of detail and white balance (correct shades of colors) are really making me happy.

HundredChallenge-00135 HundredChallenge-00144 HundredChallenge-00145 HundredChallenge-00148 HundredChallenge-00151

And a special treat today: I found a four-leaf clover!!!!! I’m so excited about it.HundredChallenge-00168 HundredChallenge-00186I am really enchanted by the first photo being like walking into a magical world through an arbor. It makes me think of stories that deal in dragons and magic forests.

Hibiscus will always be special to me. My brother and I have this photo of us as little kids each with a hibiscus stuck above our ear and it is the cutest picture. My grandmother was always taking photos and I love them so much. I’m glad she did. So that’s helped me with stepping into her role somewhat. Sometimes people get annoyed by it and don’t want their picture taken, and that can be uncomfortable for me. But I know I look back now and am grateful for the photos. So knowing that motivates me to move past the discomfort and keep taking family pictures.

With that four-leaf clover, I am going to relate that to the magic of photography. In photography, there are moments. You have to be looking for them or you won’t see them. But when you look, it’s like the universe likes that and rewards you with these beautiful moments where the light is right for just long enough and the subject holds still in a dynamic pose, or whatever. Capturing one feels just as stunning as actually finding a four-leaf clover. But when you get right down to it, those clovers are just a genetic mutation. Odds are, you’ll find one if you look…. and great photos are everywhere if you learn to see the world that way.

Either every single moment is normal, or every moment is tinged with beautiful magic. It’s all in your perspective.


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