Day 7 – Hundred Challenge

So I sat watching tv because my back was bugging me too much to really do anything. And I can’t really take a photo of the tv, because that ‘art’ is not of my creation. So here is the room as it lay around me. HundredChallenge-0005HundredChallenge-0007 HundredChallenge-0011 HundredChallenge-0029HundredChallenge-0037-3

Evidently this day I was fairly focused on parallel slanting lines. I like the Venetian blind photos much more than I expected to before I took them. One of photography’s myriad lessons has been ‘when in doubt, shoot it’…. (the photo, that is). Compose the best I can and shoot, or if I can’t see the beauty I shoot it then analyze and figure out what I liked and keep going with whatever I find out.

I know some people deplore working that way– with looking at the back of the digital camera after they’ve taken the shot. My take on it is use the tools you’ve got! Of course look at the scene as it is through the viewfinder, but use every tool to analyze the composition and improve it as much as possible. One opinion in a sea of them.


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