Day four – 100 photos

Technically this was not day four, it was more like day 7, but I’ll keep it simple. On day four and five I was part of a dear friend’s wedding, and thus very busy. On day 6, I got into a minor car accident (a truck ran into the back of my car while I was waiting at a stoplight) and I spent much of the day with medical personnel. Honestly I didn’t think about photography while in the hospital and was in too much pain, anyway. Recovering from the aches and such will take time. Meanwhile, I’ll be photographing as much as I feel up to it, with breaks as necessary. HundredChallenge-0003 HundredChallenge-0037-2 HundredChallenge-0051 HundredChallenge-0059 HundredChallenge-0087 HundredChallenge-0107In a few of these I can see influences of religious iconography and art. And in the first shot I’m experimenting with silhouette and in the last with somewhat hyper-real color.


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