Day Three – 100 photos

So I looked out my window and saw people I knew, and ran outside to photograph them. Technically it’s completely legal to post all the photos I took, since I had the permission of the people I photographed to take their picture. However, some people don’t like the idea of pictures of their kids being posted online and I haven’t gotten a release form from the parents of the baby yet. So I’m including shots in which you can’t tell who the photo is of.

Originally, I wasn’t thrilled that these shots of the baby didn’t include distinguishing facial features. It could be any baby. However, now I’m happy it worked out that way, and I like them as shots.

DSC_0102-2 DSC_0100

This shot reminds me of the shot in the previous day’s photos of the cats on the sidewalk, which in turn reminded me of a photo for a project I did for class a couple months ago. Maybe I’ll do a series; personalities in my neighborhood in photos that are connected to the sidewalks. I’m sure it’ll be cooler than it sounds.


So included here are more of those smoothly textured photos I like, that I tend to think of as ‘sparkly’, with ephemeral colors. Also, one grittier photo which I don’t necessarily identify as my typical style.

Hope you’ve enjoyed them 🙂


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