Day 2 – 100 photos challenge

Let me tell you a story…


About two cats…


Who were on the lookout for humans sympathetic to their plight; dinner should be served many times a day!


Finding their pleas unheeded, they began to prowl.


But found nothing they’d like to eat… just a lot of plants.


Ok! So that was pretty silly. You’ll find I really like photographing cats. When I was little (6ish?) I learned to draw cats and then drew them constantly, and read about them, and begged my parents for a cat. So you won’t be surprised if cats are frequently featured on this page.

In these photos- in addition to my favored style of luscious colors and textures coupled with a shallow depth of field (focus is sharp on essentially one plane while other planes further or closer are blurred)- I’ve got one shot that is grittier. The ‘two cats’ photo– when I shot that, the scene caught my interest because it reminded me of street photography I researched during a class I took this spring. It amuses me a bit to think of cats as citizens. Check out Robb Hill’s work to see some impressive examples of street photography of cats.


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