Day One – 100 photos challenge

Hey all- So I’d just begun this challenge, and my computer screen died. So I’m getting that fixed and now have the data from the harddrive, so I can post the photos that were stuck in limbo for a few days. Thanks for your patience.

Day One:

So I fully committed to the challenge, and these were taken on ‘day one’. I set out in my neighborhood, thinking I’d take some ‘street photography’ of people living their daily lives. It didn’t quite work out that way. Instead, I found some flowers living their beautiful daily lives. They were friendly and available for photographs.

HundredChallenge-0006  HundredChallenge-0049 HundredChallenge-0058 HundredChallenge-0094 HundredChallenge-0119 HundredChallenge-0130 HundredChallenge-0137

So these are they. I am quite pleased with them. You’ll notice a fly in the second photo and an ant in the second-to-last photo. The fly was my subject and quite intentional. The ant, not so much but I’m ok with his 2-dimensional presence!

In these photos I can see myself experimenting with sparseness and with busyness, with light and shadow. I tend to consistently favor a shallow depth of field as I love the painterly quality it produces, highlighting my subject, or at least washing out certain areas.

Thank you for following! 🙂


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