Day Zero – 100 Photos a Day

So I had decided to do this challenge, but hadn’t quite ‘committed’ to it yet, so I call this ‘day zero’ of the challenge. Of the 20 photos I took that day, these two turned out in a way I like. That is normal for any photographer, some shots turn out well and some turn out less well.

HundredChallenge-0157-3 HundredChallenge-0168-3

The first is a work I thought my Dad painted years ago which I wanted to showcase because I think he did a beautiful job. It turns out it was actually my aunt who painted it. The second is a photograph of my great-grandmother (such a sweetie) standing on her mother’s lap with her baby sister beside her. Also in that shot is a lamp with lovely warm light. I wanted to capture the framed photo bathed in warm soft light to show the warmth of family bonds. I did get it in a harder light but it lost its magic, so I went back and took more shots to get this one.

These were taken in the same room, which is why they have a similar quality of light, and taken in the evening after or very close to the end of sunset, on June 23, 2015.

~Mia E.


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