100 photos a day

I’ve just begun a self-imposed challenge to take 100 photos per day. Some days I’ll exceed it and some days I won’t reach it, but that is not how I will be measuring my success. My goal is to improve my photography by increasing the number of shots I take, to refine my skills and reach the artistic level I am aiming for. Currently, that level is exemplified by the following artists:

Sam Hurd

Closer to Love

Jyoti Sackett

Wild Whim

So now you understand what I’m going for, to some extent. I’m sure I missed a few who’ve inspired me, and will add them into future blog posts as I remember.

Keep watching for my posts on this challenge! I began it a couple days ago, so you won’t have to wait for photos– they’ll just be posted a little later than they were taken. That gives me time to edit and select the best ones.

I’m excited!! Are you!?


One thought on “100 photos a day

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