Meagan and Anna

I am so thrilled about my recent shoot with Meagan and her baby Anna. We got some great photos.

This first shot is one of my favorites. Meagan taught her wee one to do a metal growl… so this is the two of them doing that. Enjoy!

Mullins Summer 14-0351

Mullins Summer 14-0415


Mullins Summer 14-0404

Mullins Summer 14-0410Mullins Summer 14-0345

Mullins Summer 14-0395

Mullins Summer 14-0388Mullins Summer 14-0390


Mullins Summer 14-0276

Mullins Summer 14-0257

Mullins Summer 14-0292Mullins Summer 14-0326Mullins Summer 14-0318

Mullins Summer 14-0418

Mullins Summer 14-0376

I couldn’t have asked for a more adorably photogenic pair! 🙂 Thank you so much, Meagan!!!

-Mia E.


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